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My Spiritual Journey Through Pregnancy Loss

Posted on December 7, 2018 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

On November 05, 2018 I found out I was pregnant again. I was approximately 6 weeks and I got to hear my angels heart beat. This was not a planned pregnancy at all but it was here. At this time, my life was in such transition so the thought of adding a new child to the chaos scared the ever loving hell out of me but deep down I was elated. It felt amazing to have life growing inside of me again. It's amazing how beautiful a heart beat can sound. I connected with this baby every day in every way. I felt it was going to be a baby girl. This baby was a beautiful soul but sadly it just wasn't meant to be. On November 19, 2018 I found out that I had lost my precious angel. There was no life left in her. Her heart had stopped beating a week prior. My angel ascended back to heaven. She was now my guardian angel. My heart was so heavy. I just cried and cried over this loss. It wasn't going to be easy having another child but I saw myself loving this angel so so much. It was such a beautiful vision but now it's gone. My heart shattered into a million pieces that day. My biggest fear was always losing a child as many people can relate. I watched my parents almost lose me to cancer as a child and it nearly destroyed them. Most would probably say that miscarrying at such an early stage in pregnancy should not be so hard to handle. To those are wrong. This baby had a heartbeat. She was alive with the most beautiful feminine energy. I connected on a soul level with that child. I will never forget her spirit even though her presence was so short lived. 

I decided with my doctor that I would wait it out and let nature take its course with this process. This process is grueling. I finally caved at the 2 week mark and decided to have a D&C procedure to remove the contents of my uterus. The emotional toll of just waiting was getting to be too much to bear. I was so emotionally exhausted from this wait. The miscarriage process can be very taxing on every level of existence, mind, body, and spirit. It takes a lot out of a woman to undergo this process. I was spent. I couldn't do it anymore. On December 6, 2018, I had the surgery and when I awoke from anesthesia I just cried knowing my baby was out of me. She was really gone now. I just embraced this sadness and cried because crying is a wonderful release. Surrendering to our emotions can be so healing. The next day I felt much better. I decided to go to the beach even though it's winter in New Jersey and it's cold as hell out  but I went anyway. The ocean can help to wash away negative energy and recharge our empty batteries. It only took was one hour at the beach for me to ground myself in nature and centering in to spirit to release this pent up negative energy. I felt such an amazing release and everything became clear to me. Sometimes things like this just happen to help us grow spiritually. These situations that arise are never easy to get through but there is major growth spiritually. Miscarriage is a spiritual dead and rebirth. A parent will always die with their child no matter how old the child is. I feel like I have just entered into the light out of my own darkness. I was very protected by my angels during this process. I was getting lots of signs from my grandmother that had passed over to the otherside in 2013. She had also suffered losing a child at birth so she was there to comfort me because she knew first hand how hard this process was. I felt spiritually comforted through out the entire process. My spiritual team was right there with me even in my darkness even when I felt so alone. We are never actually alone though. I have been aware of this fact for many years at this point. When we enter into our dark phases of life's journey we are all protected by the light even if we can't see it. I feel light now and I see why this happened. This pregnancy was a message for me to not end my fertility. I was so close to getting a tubaligation but now I'm going to wait. I will bury this angel in my flower garden and invite her spirit back to me if she would like. Her beautiful energy woke me up to the fact that I may have one more baby in store for me. I will nurture my mind, body and spirit in the mean time and when the timing is right she will come back to me. I feel blessed to have been graced by her beautiful spirit. Miscarriage is not often talked about but it's okay to speak up about our experiences. There is nothing to fear in death. It is a simple transition. The otherside is beautifully peaceful and free of suffering. When our babies leave us they go back to heaven and guide us. Our babies become our guides through our darkness. The pain of this type of loss is often overlooked. This pain runs so deep. I want to help people understand the spiritual process of miscarriage. Everything happens for a reason even if we don't see that reason right away. We can be mad. We can scream. We can cry... Spiritual growth is painful but in the end we grow and see the light. Your angel is your light now. Bask in the beautiful glow knowing that light shining down on you is your direct connect to the heavens. It's your angel smiling down on you. Now a part of your soul has crossed over to the other side. Some souls are only here for a minute and then gone the next. They are meant to awaken us to our true selves. Sometimes embracing the pain and working with it can help to heal your shattered soul. Going out in nature is the best way to heal yourself. Mother Nature is there to comfort you and guide you to your light. Go to her and connect with her divine healing energy. 

I hope this blog post will help everybody understand the spiritual awakening associated with the miscarriage journey. It is a time of spiritual growth and it can be very painful for everyone involved. Things will get better and that angel will always live inside your heart. Embrace their presence. Sending lots of love and light to all the families that have gone through this journey and came out on the otherside. This journey is such a sacred journey even if it doesn't feel that way. Focus on the light and reach for the stars when you're surrounded by darkness. You are never alone and you will absolutely see your angel again.
Love and Light,
Jen Dean Mizzi, LPN, Reiki Practioner,
Full Circle Doula, Spiritual Medium

My Journey Through Infertility to Motherhood

Posted on April 28, 2018 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

My journey to motherhood was filled with alot of bumps and broken hearts along the way. Infertility was an absolute test of my faith but by keeping my faith, even in my darkest hour, I perservered and I got to meet my guiding light. I explain how magical it felt when I finally became a mother and held my son for the first time. I finally know what love is...mission completed! Lots of Love and Light to all. xoxoxo

-Jennnifer Dean Mizzi, LPN & Spiritual Doula

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How to Create a Sacred Space and Invite Healing Energy

Posted on April 27, 2018 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Benefits of a Sacred Space and Inviting Healing Energy

Today’s hustle and bustle of life is really draining and taxing on our bodies and nervous systems. The high stress environment that we live in today depletes our energy and causes us issues on every part of our being; mind, body and spirit. We all have so much on our plates already and it can seem like sometimes life just keeps throwing more shit on top of the crap that’s already there. Life can just be utterly overwhelming at times. My solution to this problem is retreating to my sacred space anytime life gets too heavy and I need to decompress. A sacred space is simply a space or area dedicated to slowing down, sitting quietly, going inward and recharging your battery, so to speak. Sacred spaces are typically set up in a quiet place inside your home or anywhere for that matter. Outdoor sacred spaces are an excellent way to reconnect with mother nature and yourself at the same time. Mother nature knows exactly what to do with negative energy. This space you create is where you can hit the pause button on life and sit in stillness so your nervous system can calm down. This is a way that you can restore the energy lost from daily stressors. Quieting the mind through mind/body exercises like prayer, meditation, and yoga can assist the body to heal itself from stress. It’s a way to get the mind and body to work together during the healing process. Calming your mind will inturn calm your body. As above, so below. Creating an environment that promotes healing depends on the energy of the space where the healing will be taking place. You can fill your sacred space with items that bring you to a peaceful state of mind which will in turn bring your body to a healing state of being. It doesn’t matter what religion or belief system you have. This space is your’s, make it whatever you’d like. Add anything that has meaning to you. Everybody could benefit from a space where you can just stop and breathe, especially these days. Here are some health benefits of meditation and how it can heal the mind, body and uplift the spirit.

Infograph: Effects of Meditation on the Body

Infographic authored by Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. To view the original post, Free Infographic: Effects of Meditation on the Body.

Inviting Healing Energy to Your Space

To get started, be sure the space is a comfortable temperature that makes you nice and cozy. Finding the right music or relaxing sounds, such as flowing water, will set you free and help create a calming mood. Low lighting with candles or white christmas lights will really bring a tranquil ambiance to your space. You can even add throw pillows and hang tapestries to convert your space into a comfy abode. Lighting incenses or using essential oils is a great way to tie in your sense of smell to guide you to a serene place free of drama. You can even add a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit to engage your taste buds. Adding a live plant, flowers,stones and crystals to your space is a great way to bring mother nature inside to work her magic. The key is to involve all the senses to create a peaceful state in your mind which will help calm your energy down and trigger the healing response in your body. I recommend smudging your sacred space before getting started with any prayer or meditation session. This will effectively clear away any stagnant energy that may be lingering in your space. You can also smudge items you choose for this space. This way all outside energy is neutralized and you can have nothing but the most loving, light energy possible. Choosing items for your sacred space is a truly intuitive process. If it makes you feel good than that’s vibe you want there. The best part about this space is that it’s made by you, for you with the intentions of healing yourself. You have the power to heal yourself one breath at a time. Creating your own sacred space is a fun project to heal the mind, body and spirit. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect to yourself each day so you can be the calm in the storm we live in today. Life is truly beautiful. We all need to slow down every now and then and smell the roses. Lots of love and light to you all. xoxoxo

Written by: Jennifer Dean Mizzi, Reiki Practioner and Spiritual Medium